Membership Offers 2022/23


Members of the Staffordshire who would like to join Bridgnorth would be made most welcome. If you would like to visit and have a reduced price round of golf please contact the Club Secretary, Philip Kay on 01746 763315, who will be happy to discuss with you membership and options to join.

If you are joining with a group of friends, and are all new members, we offer an extra incentive 5% off for 2 joining, 10% off for 3 or more joining .

We welcome new members during the year with no joining fee. Membership year runs from April to March and we are happy to work out a pro-rata rate should you join during the year.

For example 2 people joining as FULL members from 1st May (11 months):
Full Sub £876 + £24 fees = £900
Less 1 month for 1st May: £876 * 11/12 = £803
Less 5% for 2 joining = £763 + £24 fees = £787 each

To become a member simply Join Online as above or complete and return the Application form. For membership enquiries please phone 01746 763315.