Becoming a Member 2017/18

Bridgnorth Golf Club would be happy to welcome you as a member. We have introduced new categories: LifeStyle, Trial, 2nd Club and Student. You can download more information together with an application form above.

You will always be guaranteed a well maintained course which offers a testing challenge to any golfer.

The full adult membership costs 775, on our November payment plan that is only 67 per month by standing order. If you join during the year, unlike other clubs, you only pay for the remaining months on a seasonally adjusted pro-rata basis.
Bridgnorth Golf Club Bridgnorth Golf Club Bridgnorth Golf Club Bridgnorth Golf Club


The goal of a many golfers is to get their handicap down, and the reality is that the only way to do that is in club competitions. Playing in club competitions whether they are the Club Championship, Weekly Medal, or Christmas Shotgun, provides the opportunity for members to enjoy the competitive nature of the game, meet new golfers, win prizes, and ultimately improve as a golfer. You don't join a cricket or netball team with the intention of never playing a competitive match. Golf is a competitive sport, and the best way to experience this is by playing in club competitions.

Preferred Tee Times

If you are a weekend-only golfer then a membership is critical to your enjoyment, with peak playing times often reserved purely for our members. This ensures calm, quiet periods for our members to enjoy their golf. While paid visitors will occasionally find during peak hours to play, there is no guarantee and they risk being turned away.

The Value of Opens and Club Matches

Aside from the internal golf club competitions, being a member of Bridgnorth Golf Club affords you the opportunity to play in open competitions at other clubs. We have reciprocal arrangements with other local golf clubs, offering you the opportunity of playing them at significantly discounted rates. Couple this with the prospect of playing in friendly matches against many local clubs there really are tremendous opportunities to play an expansive array of golf courses through our membership.

Extra Rounds

Evening rounds in the summer are some of the most enjoyable times to be on the course, and often some of the quietest. A spontaneous few holes every now and then, maybe followed by a shower and meal in our club bar, are a real member's privilege.


The clubhouse delivers value to your membership, not only in a social sense but a financial one, too. As a member at Bridgnorth you will enjoy a substantial discount in the restaurant and bar, and the atmosphere in your own clubhouse provides a real sense of belonging. You can also feel comfortable using the golf club as a place to relax, be it before or after a round, or simply as a social club.

Facilities & Improvement

The practice facilities are a huge benefit for Bridgnorth golf club members, a member of the club you get unlimited, free access. There are areas to practice your putting, short game and drives all year round.

Professional Services

Bridgnorth Golf club is fortunate to have a PGA qualified teaching professional at the club. Steve Russell runs a well-stocked shop and will be happy to help you out with coaching, individual lessons, club fitting, club repair and re-gripping and demo clubs - none of which you will get from an online retailer!

Signing in Guests

Whether it's a colleague, a client or just a friend, there is a certain pleasure to be had in extending an invitation to come and play at "my club". As a member you are able to sign in up to three guests at any one time up to three times a year who each receive a significant discount on the daily green fees.

The Costs

Membership Categories & Costs for the 2017/18 season are detailed below:

FULLMembership for full adult members (ladies & men) with all voting, competition and playing rights.775
A discounted rate on full membership for those under 25 or 30 on the 1st April offered to encourage young players to continue to play when perhaps family demands make it too expensive. Further concession for those in full time education.517
EIGHTYPLUSAdult members with 10+ years' service who are over 80 on the 1st April category offered with full playing rights or with no playing rights.258
LIFESTYLEMembership and playing package aimed at the occasional golfer. Includes a green fee passport to be used at peak or off-peak times. Player has a handicap, can enter most competitions and includes insurance and affiliation fees.450
TRIALTrial (3 month) package aimed at the beginner golfer. Includes a green fee passport to be used at off-peak times. Player can gain a handicap, play in fun competitions, includes insurance and affiliation fees.149
DISTANCEA discounted rate for those who do not reside within 50 miles of the Club House. Often called Country membership.388
AFFILIATED 2nd CLUBMembers who wish to have Bridgnorth as their 2nd club who have full membership and handicap at another fully affiliated club. Restrictions apply for competition entry.412
ASSOCIATEA 10% discount on above rates offered to members of Local Clubs, Organisations, Civil and Military Services and Targeted Businesses, only available to new members, details available from the Club Secretary.Up to 10% Off
U18, U16, U14
U12 & U10
Junior membership priced according to age as of 1st Jan. Juniors are encouraged to play the course gain a handicap and play in competitions and are welcome to attend Wednesday Junior Club Night.30-100
CORPORATEVarious corporate packages offered to business, details available from the Club Secretary.From 950
SOCIALMembers of the club who enjoy all the facilities of membership but with no playing or voting rights.50

Subscriptions are payable on the 1st April every year. Adults age as of 1st April (Juniors 1st January) is used for discounted rates. No joining fee . Adult subscriptions do not include Insurance, English and County Union fees (Men 22.35, Ladies 22.75). If you join part way through the year the subscription is charged on a seasonally adjusted pro-rata montly basis. Payment plans are available to pay monthly.

Membership enquiries should be made to the Club Secretary. Please click on the boxes below to see an application form and more information for new and prospective members.

Categories & Costs

Further description of Membership Categories and Costs 2017/18.

New Members

Notes for new and prospective members.

Application Form

Membership application form. Please print and return to club secretary.

Junior Application Form

Junior application and parental consent form. Please print and return to club secretary.