Lessons - Get into Golf

Golf is a great game for everyone of all ages: young or old, male or female, fit or unfit, style icon or sensible dresser.

The best thing to do is simply give it a go. Book a taster session and see what you think.It’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Call our PGA teaching professional Steve Russell 01746 762045 to book.
Bridgnorth Golf Club Bridgnorth Golf Club Bridgnorth Golf Club Bridgnorth Golf Club

Junior Lessons

Coaching 6pm Weds and 1pm Sat for juniors starting April 2019, members or non-members.

Mens Lessons

Coaching 6pm Thursday for men starting April 2019, members or non-members.

Ladies Lessons

Coaching 6pm Monday and 11am Weds for ladies starting April 2019, members or non-members.

Individual Lessons

Steve will be happy to provide individual lessons either on the Practice Area, Putting Green or on the Course.

Pathway to Membership

As you progress on your journey in golf its important to join a club which has a recognised pathway for membership. At Bridgnorth we provide lessons to members and non-members. Attendees can then progress onto Trial membership.

Trial Membership provides 3 month access to all facilities and the golf course, at a reduced rate. You will be encouraged along your way and can see if you like golf and our club and begin the process to get a handicap.

LifeStyle Membership might be the next step. A playing package aimed at the occasional golfer. This includes a green fee passport 10x peak and 10x off-peak green fees. Players with a handicap, can enter most competitions.

Full Membership for those who want the complete membership experience.